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Small Government Disgrace! – Yahoo News: Fire/Police crews watch a man drown

Has it seriously come to this? Are we so morally and economically bankrupt that safety personnel would watch a man drown and make excuses for it? That appears to be the case, and it makes me sick. According to Yahoo … Continue reading

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Interviewed in NYC, all I got was a bruised ego.

Last week, I had an out-of-town job interview. I was excited . I’d aced two  previous phone screenings,  came highly recommended and knew I had the experience, accomplishments and ideas this women’s social justice organization was looking for. Things were … Continue reading

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Should the govt restrict photoshopping? Brits are taking a look.

According to  fantastic article on Jezebel, British government officials are meeting with fashion execs with an eye on changing airbrushing practices.  Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!! Not sure what’s going to happen or if we should expect changes.  It’s just good knowing authorities care  … Continue reading

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Health on a budget

I hate grocery shopping. Especially when  I’m on a budget and am focused on  eating right, which is most of the time. Grocery store aisles can be tough to navigate. As someone fighting NOT to buy tempting foods and  evaluating my groceries … Continue reading

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“Americans Love to Hate, It’s Our Thing” (an amusing CNN comment)

The following is a VERY amusing comment responding to a CNN online Justice article on the attack on a Muslim NYC cab driver.  It is both an honest and funny narrative of our country’s oft-forgotten history of, well,  f*cking up … Continue reading

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One Less Lonely Person

A few hours each week I volunteer listening to people talk about their problems. Sometimes I hear juicy stories about ex-boyfriends, annoying bosses and past drug abuse; but also the mundane details of other’s lives.  One person talks about how much he loves … Continue reading

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