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Care2: Public Pools in Hazard, KY are for Straights Only?

Mean people suck, especially when they use the Bible to justify bigotry. According Care2, a disabled homosexual couple was kicked out of a public pool in Hazard, Ky because staff said gay people were not allowed to swim there. According … Continue reading

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If Bishop Eddie Long is found guilty, “I’m sorry” won’t cut it.

Bishop Eddie Long‘s message about charges of sexual abuse were: I’m not perfect, but I am going to fight back.  His congregation at New Birth Church cheered like they were at a Falcons game.  To that, I say “bollocks.” I … Continue reading

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NPR: Before Burning Qurans, Know What’s in It

So glad I stumbled on this NPR article on the importance of learning about Islam before serving as its judge and jury.  I am familiar with the religion but even I was surprised with what I read. I will not comment further. … Continue reading

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Tennessee church shows its Muslim brothers some love.

When Pastor Steve Stone and the  Heartsong Church of Cordova, Tennessee heard Muslims or a  new mosque was moving into the neighborhood, they didn’t burn Korans or offer free spray painting services.  Nope. They extended themselves in friendship.  I was … Continue reading

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Remember the 2009 book burning?

According to NPR, Dove World’s Koran burning protest is nothing new.  Back in 2009, a  little church in NC publicized a similar stunt, except their plan was to burn different books  and novels outside their theology (including modern versions of … Continue reading

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Religion: Muslims shared facts at Capitol Hill briefing on Islam

Some Americans have gone Muslim-crazy lately and not in a good way.  By encouraging Qua-ran burnings, describing the religion as a  “cult” and arousing fears of a future America somehow living under oppressive Sharia laws, a handful of troublemakers with … Continue reading

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Post-Rally, Beck Admits Opposing MLK’s Dreamy, Rightsy Agenda

Glenn Beck‘s Restoring Honor rally was viewed by non-conservatives with  skepticism and anger.  Rightfully so. The same public figure who said social justice was code for communism organized an event allegedly honoring one of the world’s greatest social justice icons … Continue reading

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