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Obama on DC schools

President Barack Obama said DC public schools were below the standards needed for his kids.  True. Definitely, his prerogative.  But as president of the United States speaking on a national/international stage, it seemed like a cheap shot. You can’t compare … Continue reading

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Believe in Democratic change? Ok. Take Action. Vote in November!

Remember when Obama was elected?? Those were the good ole days. People cried, jumped up and down, and celebrated like it was 1999.  In case you forgot, watch this video. Well, it’s been about two years.  The hype is gone. … Continue reading

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DC Housewives – Season, Ep 1, Long on Conflict – Already?

Finally, the Real Housewives of DC arrived. As a reality show lover and DC resident, I hoped my city would provide a unique take on Bravo series already popular in four other areas.  So far, there is a lot conflict and activities. Here’s … Continue reading

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