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John Stewart on ‘the Pledge’. Hilarious (It’s who I am, baby!)

Republicans just announced their ‘Pledge to America,” a plan for how they’d lead if they win a majority in Congress. Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart straight up skewers the plan and the horse it rode in on. Click the photo to … Continue reading

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Health care reform. If you voted for it, stand by it.

Congress approved health care reform because our system has been broken for decades.  Millions needed and still need coverage.  It was a leadership move to make life better for all Americans. This new part of the law  that takes effect … Continue reading

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Republican’s agenda: tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts and tax cuts.

For the two years, Democrats have been pushing a range of middle class policies — health care reform, unemployment insurance funding, jobs legislation and even 9/11 first responder health money.  Did Republicans support those policies ? Nooooooooooooo. But what are … Continue reading

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Liberals Attacking Palin Vanity Fair Expose’ as Sexist? But, why? We hate her!

This week, the Women’s Media Center and its partner organizations launched an anti-sexism campaign titled, Name It. Change It (NICI).  And boy, do they mean it. The initiative associated with feminist goddess Gloria Steinem to address misogyny toward policy makers … Continue reading

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