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Should the govt restrict photoshopping? Brits are taking a look.

According to  fantastic article on Jezebel, British government officials are meeting with fashion execs with an eye on changing airbrushing practices.  Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!! Not sure what’s going to happen or if we should expect changes.  It’s just good knowing authorities care  … Continue reading

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Did they lighten Gabby Sidibe? Elle magazine responds.

Elle’s October issue features Precious star, Gabourey Sidibe.  As soon as the cover hit, it raised some eyebrows about her color (and overall quality of the photo, itself).  I wrote a post saying how terrible I thought it was, and … Continue reading

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Oh, hell no! Sidibe’s Elle cover is just plain bad.

Why put a Black woman on the cover of a high fashion magazine using  a terrible photo? You call that inclusion? breaking barriers? I don’t. As you can see in the photo below and on Colorlines.com,  Elle magazine featured Gabourey … Continue reading

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