Did they lighten Gabby Sidibe? Elle magazine responds.

Elle’s October issue features Precious star, Gabourey Sidibe.  As soon as the cover hit, it raised some eyebrows about her color (and overall quality of the photo, itself).  I wrote a post saying how terrible I thought it was, and made the folks at Elle aware of my concerns.

Elle issued this press statement.

Nothing out of the ordinary was done. We have four separate covers this month and Gabby’s cover was not retouched any more or less than the others. We had 25 cover-worthy subjects in our portfolio and we chose Gabby because of who she is. We shot this as a story of exuberant young women changing the world. If you take a look at the portfolio, each of the women were shot in different ways and for different reasons.

Okayyy, it sounds like they colorized her. Now, can we talk about that wig?! Impressively, Fashion Bomb has an exclusive response from Elle’s Joe Zee (Olivia’s boss on The City, Season 2) where he basically said Sidibe brought her own hair to the shoot (so?) and that they shot her close to capture her bubbly personality. All I have to say is EBONY (the non-fashion magazine) got it right (see my my previous blog post for the actual photo). Elle got it wrong.  Major FAIL.

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3 Responses to Did they lighten Gabby Sidibe? Elle magazine responds.

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  2. Roschelle says:

    This photo showing all four magazine covers is enough ammunition to take out Korea’s million man army! They wanted to show her bubbly personality? By doing what – turning her into a big ass bubble.

    Elle is wrong and they know it!

  3. @Roschelle. ha! Agree! Seriously. Everytime I look at the photo I get annoyed.

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