Real Housewives of NY, S. 4, Ep. 11 – All Cheaters Lie

The ladies return to NYC and are getting jiggy in the bedroom with their husbands (gross.)

Ramona’s showing off how hot and amazing her husband is while Simon and Alex are weird as usual.  Simon literary says, “Making love with my wife is so wonderful” or some crap.(Gag)

The most important part is that Ramona casually mentions the fortune teller’s prediction that Mario’s having an affair. She casually asks him about it. He denied it. “Of course,” she said and reassured him that she never believed it in the first place. Well, girlfriend, no disrespect to this man. I don’t know him. I can only analyze what I see on television but I was not convinced. I think he was lying.

Something in the tone of his voice did not seem relaxed. I could hear tension as he said, “The only other woman in my life is Avery.” (uh-huh, right)

In the history of men cheating or being shady, it’s pretty safe to say that the first response is to lie.  The second response is to lie and most likely 99th response is to lie. And especially if we gleen anything from recent high profile politicians such as Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Craig, David Vitter and etc……cheating and lying go hand in hand. Some men cheat. But ALL cheaters lie. It’s in the handbook. Mario did not convince me.

Ramona seemed okay with Mario’s response.  I’m sure she just wanted to get it him on television denying it because why would she wait to ask on camera? Isn’t it more realistic to ask upon arrival on U.S. soil? That’s another reason why his response seemed so lame. He’s had time to repeat his answer, I am sure.  But hey. She’s married to him.  I’m not. I’ve had enough men lie to me in the past to feel skeptical.

Anyway, the balance of the show was about the normal tensions among the ladies. Alex and LuAnne (very tense lunch). Jill and Ramona (not invited to a viewing). Jill and Sonja (bankruptcy buttinski), Cindy and Sonja (Morocco photo revenge). The only person MIA was Kelly.

Next week, there’s more drama. Shocker.

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