Should the govt restrict photoshopping? Brits are taking a look.

According to  fantastic article on Jezebel, British government officials are meeting with fashion execs with an eye on changing airbrushing practices.  Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!! Not sure what’s going to happen or if we should expect changes.  It’s just good knowing authorities care  enough to make the media/fashion industry more accountable for messages that influence girls, women and men all over the world.

The article talks about the Brits’ efforts and how beauty standards have changed from the 1950’s to right now from natural to unattainably thin.

The good news is that Dove started a Campaign for Real Beauty to promote healthy messages about beauty and self-esteem. Definitely world checking out here.

Makes me wonder:  How did we get to here where fake boobs, lips, hair and tans are the norm?  Also, will ever get back to natural beauty ala 70’s actress Pam Grier or 80’s supermodel Cindy Crawford? What do y’all think?

How did we get here?  Can we ever go back to appreciating natural beauty?

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