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NPR: Before Burning Qurans, Know What’s in It

So glad I stumbled on this NPR article on the importance of learning about Islam before serving as its judge and jury.  I am familiar with the religion but even I was surprised with what I read. I will not comment further. … Continue reading

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Tennessee church shows its Muslim brothers some love.

When Pastor Steve Stone and the  Heartsong Church of Cordova, Tennessee heard Muslims or a  new mosque was moving into the neighborhood, they didn’t burn Korans or offer free spray painting services.  Nope. They extended themselves in friendship.  I was … Continue reading

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Dove World: This is your gentle reminder to knock it off!

Dear Dove World: This is a gentle reminder to cancel your Burn a Koran Day Event.  Ok. You’re on the map. Pastor Idiot Terry Jones has gotten attention and your  Sunday offerings probably increased.  But as I said before, the … Continue reading

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Religion: Muslims shared facts at Capitol Hill briefing on Islam

Some Americans have gone Muslim-crazy lately and not in a good way.  By encouraging Qua-ran burnings, describing the religion as a  “cult” and arousing fears of a future America somehow living under oppressive Sharia laws, a handful of troublemakers with … Continue reading

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