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NPR: Before Burning Qurans, Know What’s in It

So glad I stumbled on this NPR article on the importance of learning about Islam before serving as its judge and jury.  I am familiar with the religion but even I was surprised with what I read. I will not comment further. … Continue reading

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Tennessee church shows its Muslim brothers some love.

When Pastor Steve Stone and the  Heartsong Church of Cordova, Tennessee heard Muslims or a  new mosque was moving into the neighborhood, they didn’t burn Korans or offer free spray painting services.  Nope. They extended themselves in friendship.  I was … Continue reading

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Dove World: This is your gentle reminder to knock it off!

Dear Dove World: This is a gentle reminder to cancel your Burn a Koran Day Event.  Ok. You’re on the map. Pastor Idiot Terry Jones has gotten attention and your  Sunday offerings probably increased.  But as I said before, the … Continue reading

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Religion: Muslims shared facts at Capitol Hill briefing on Islam

Some Americans have gone Muslim-crazy lately and not in a good way.  By encouraging Qua-ran burnings, describing the religion as a  “cult” and arousing fears of a future America somehow living under oppressive Sharia laws, a handful of troublemakers with … Continue reading

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“Americans Love to Hate, It’s Our Thing” (an amusing CNN comment)

The following is a VERY amusing comment responding to a CNN online Justice article on the attack on a Muslim NYC cab driver.  It is both an honest and funny narrative of our country’s oft-forgotten history of, well,  f*cking up … Continue reading

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NYC Muslim Cab Driver Stabbed – Let’s Stop the Hate.

According to news reports, a NYC cabdriver was attacked by a passenger who asked if he was Muslim.  After confirming so, Ahmed Sharif was stabbed in the face, throat and arm. The injuries were treated at an area hospital. The … Continue reading

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Love thy neighbor. Don’t burn his Koran!

Good people don’t fight fire (Islamic radicalism) with fire (Christian radicalism).  But you can’t tell that to the Dove World Outreach Center members who are engaging in an extreme protest of the September 11th terror attacks with their own unusual … Continue reading

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