Spring has arrived. Time to dust off the blog.

This Old HouseThe last time I updated Radicalconversationalist was 2011. It’s trifling. I know. But I am back and ready to write again. Before I get started, I have to say I feel bad for not writing for so long. I created a site, made it pretty, wrote for a while but I allowed the real estate to languish. Comments were not moderated. Entertainment discussions ceased.  

Do I have good excuses reasons for not writing, like work obligations or lack of focus? Absolutely. The past few years have been intense, but mainly,  I was just unsure about becoming a real blogger. As a novice, it felt daunting to write and to build a readership. My angst intensified when I shared my blog with a friend who seemed to dislike it and offered some surprising criticisms. My departure was also due to plain ole imposer’s syndrome, a common anxiety associated with feelings of inadequacy and fears of being outed as a fraud. I am anonymous. I write quite a bit in my professional life – even for national spokespersons, but presenting my own views feels scary. I also procrastinate.

All I know is I have a lot to say but not a lot of real estate. Facebook is not an ideal venue. Twitter is too short. If I am “just okay” today, fine, but the urge to write is inside me. It’s spring. What better day than today to dust off the site and just write?  


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