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The Rutgers suicide reflects serious moral issues.

When I read about Tyler Clementi, my heart broke for him and his family.  Then one word came to mind: morals.  As in, where were Dharun Ravi’s and Molly Wei’s morals during their little caper? These two so-called “friends” taped … Continue reading

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Obama on DC schools

President Barack Obama said DC public schools were below the standards needed for his kids.  True. Definitely, his prerogative.  But as president of the United States speaking on a national/international stage, it seemed like a cheap shot. You can’t compare … Continue reading

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If Bishop Eddie Long is found guilty, “I’m sorry” won’t cut it.

Bishop Eddie Long‘s message about charges of sexual abuse were: I’m not perfect, but I am going to fight back.  His congregation at New Birth Church cheered like they were at a Falcons game.  To that, I say “bollocks.” I … Continue reading

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John Stewart on ‘the Pledge’. Hilarious (It’s who I am, baby!)

Republicans just announced their ‘Pledge to America,” a plan for how they’d lead if they win a majority in Congress. Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart straight up skewers the plan and the horse it rode in on. Click the photo to … Continue reading

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Health care reform. If you voted for it, stand by it.

Congress approved health care reform because our system has been broken for decades.  Millions needed and still need coverage.  It was a leadership move to make life better for all Americans. This new part of the law  that takes effect … Continue reading

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Should the govt restrict photoshopping? Brits are taking a look.

According to  fantastic article on Jezebel, British government officials are meeting with fashion execs with an eye on changing airbrushing practices.  Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!! Not sure what’s going to happen or if we should expect changes.  It’s just good knowing authorities care  … Continue reading

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Health on a budget

I hate grocery shopping. Especially when  I’m on a budget and am focused on  eating right, which is most of the time. Grocery store aisles can be tough to navigate. As someone fighting NOT to buy tempting foods and  evaluating my groceries … Continue reading

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