Health on a budget

Example of an American grocery store aisle.

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I hate grocery shopping. Especially when  I’m on a budget and am focused on  eating right, which is most of the time.

Grocery store aisles can be tough to navigate. As someone fighting NOT to buy tempting foods and  evaluating my groceries on the avarage cost per bag (e.g the trip to Whole Foods costs $30/per bag), I usually can not get my  shopping done fast enough.  Most items are on the don’t-buy-that list. Even healthy foods, like soymilk, and organic products are expensive. Like any good consumer, I”m better off planning ahead. 

One great resource I found was this article about foods  that are cheap and healthy.   A few are shopping cart favorites of mine, such as strawberries, cabbage and oatmeal.  Some are good, but not what I normally buy, like lentils, sweet potatoes and bananas.  Read the article and tell me what you think.  Is there anything you would include?

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2 Responses to Health on a budget

  1. Roschelle says:

    don’t really have anything to include. one thing i’ve learned over the years is to never, i mean never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. your budget and basket always exceed their limit.

  2. Yep, not shopping on an empty stomach is a wise idea. For me the challenge is finding variety and keeping grocery shopping budget-friendly. For example, I like veggie burgers and chicken patties, but they are so expensive.

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