Real Housewives of NY – Season 4, Ep 10 – Alex’s Superpowers


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This update with be short because not much really happened. The show picked up just after Ramona and Jill’s fight. Each lady went to their respective corners and were upset.  For some reason, the argument seemed to hit Ramona the hardest.   Sonja and Alex consoled her as she talked about how vulnerable and beaten down she felt (uh-huh). Jill, meanwhile, was determined to keep it moving.

Posh restaurant. Belly dancing (who were so amazing and turning the ladies on). Moroccan cooking. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Okay at some point during the night, LuAnne and the brunettes are getting henna tattoos when Alex stomps downstairs in a huff.  You guessed it. She was in a huff and ready to save the day.  You see, the NEW ALEX is a conflict resolution superhero. Problem is, she’s not very good at it. Not at all.

She stomps downstairs making a production. She says she…um..needs to speak with….LuAnne…as….well…soon as you’re available. Worried, LuAnne seemed to genuinely want to know what was wrong. You could tell she seemed concerned. Turns out she was there to fight for that poor soul, Ramona. Just like the “I have a message to send” on behalf of Bethanny. It was awkward, poorly timed and just…weird. You see, Alex THINKS she’s a conflict resolution super hero. Her mission is to swoop in and save her friends from turmoil and distress. But really, she’s the quiet girl who stays out of trouble, who’s not cool and who never really knows the right thing to say at the right time.

Her super powers backfired. Kelly, of all people, told Alex she was acting weird and needed to relax.  LuAnne told her to go away and to crawl back into the cabinet and huffed away. Kelly tells her she’s weird, weird and calms her with what I think is some technique of closing her eyes. Pretty sure Kelly’s probably used it one of her horses. I won’t lie. When Kelly said, “Sometimes it’s better to just observe and not participate,” she was on point.

What was crazy was that Ramona wasn’t all upset at the time. She was fine. But Alex just needed to be a superhero.  To be honest, nothing else was really interesting. Dinner. Conflict. Alex. More conflict.  This time Ramona and LuAnne have it out again. LuAnne makes it clear she’s on her side and brings up the whole Mario fortune teller situation. Ramona can not get out of there fast enough.  “My marriage is fine,” she says over and over as get the hell out of the discussion.  I couldn’t help but feel that the Mario is the last thing Ramona wants to discuss. (Also it was odd how the cameras had Mario had a bar with Simon being flirtatious, not aware of what country Ramona was in and, frankly, not that concerned.) What’s crazy about all this how Jill was totally chill the entire night. She’d gotten her hair done (and it look sooooo cute and curly but not in an adult way). She’d left to get a cola during the henna tatoo fight.  I love how Jill’s been so incognito during most of the biggest fights.

In the end of the show, Jill comes to Ramona’s room. They agree to stop being so hard on each other (as I’d advised last week) and they made up. See? No one needed Alex to save the day.  She’s the ONLY one who thinks she has conflict resolution superpowers. Everyone else is content with her being reserved and quiet.

Next week? The ladies return to NYC where Ramona confronts/mentions the fortune teller’s comments about Mario having another woman.  Jill excludes Ramona from an event. Hurt feelings are bound to return. Alex gets into more dust ups.

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