Ex-boyfriend from Hell makes anti-choice billboard in NM

Here’s the scenario. Girl meets guy. Sparks fly. Happy relationship. Drama. Fighting. Breaking up. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  Regret. That’s the way relationships are SUPPOSED to end.

You don’t drive down the street and spot a billboard of your ex-boyfriend claiming he’s the victim of the abortion you never had! Well, that’s what Greg Fultz (ex-boyfriend from hell) did.  He made a advertisement where he’s pictured holding a a blacked image of a baby to indicate his allegedly aborted child. First of all, it’s creepy, sensational and a huge violation of this woman’s privacy.The billboard is creepy as hell.  This billboard is right wing harassment at its worst! The advert makes Greg Fultz and anti-choice groups look psychotic and desperate.  I can see why their relationship didn’t work out.  It’s also frightening to imagine this happening to me or a friend.  This guy raised money and made the  billboard without knowing if his ex-girlfriend had an abortion or not.  Originally, he planned to have girlfriend’s name on the advert. If you look at the billboard it says it’s sponsored by a group named C.A.N.I. that is similar to Nani, which is his ex’s name.  It’s a reminder that women should be careful in analyzing potential partners.  Domestic violence is a real issue for pregnant women.  One in five will be abused during pregnancy.  If this guy would go to these great lengths, just imagine the drama if they had a child together.  This guy seems creepy and possibly dangerous.

The billboard shows a lack of respect for women. Taking extreme measures to “out’ a woman’s abortion is beyond unacceptable.  For the past year, conservatives have  shamed black women and recently Latinas about abortion rates. Yet, anti-choice advocates are fighting to defund Planned Parenthood, one of the nation’s biggest birth control providers.  It shows a sense of entitlement people feel over a woman’s womb and a lack of respect for their life choices. These tactics don’t help anyone. They simply reinforce the notion that women’s bodies should belong to someone else: the state, the community or a husband/boyfriend. But women, themselves, can’t be trusted to control their own bodies.

The real issue is health privacy.  The media describes this as an issue of free speech. No. This is about privacy and harassment.  Whether the women in the middle of all this had an abortion or a miscarriage is not our business. It’s between her and her doctor.  This man’s effort to make himself out to be a victim is serious male entitlement.  The local courts ruled the billboard should be taken down by June 17, which Greg Fultz says he will not do.

All of this sounds like a nightmare. I feel sorry for the ex-girlfriend. I’m fairly certain she wishes they never met.  We’ll see how this plays out.

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One Response to Ex-boyfriend from Hell makes anti-choice billboard in NM

  1. This is shocking! Who would want to become a parent with such a cruel man!?!? Why is it that men think they have such power over women’s bodies and choices??? Anti-choicers are so distasteful. They seem to choose shock over a constructing a rational argument every time. Thanks for posting this.

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