Weiner: I Tweeted a photo of myself. (Time to move on, I say.)

Just as new photos were emerging on Andrew Breitbart’s website, Rep. Anthony Weiner had a press conference  where he confessed to EVERYTHING.

He said that the tweet that was intended to be a direct message to a young woman.  He panicked and immediately took it downThere has been inappropriate communication with six women over three years. He lied about it. He has never met any of the women in person. His wife learned the truth about this situation this morning.  He does not plan to resign. He was tearful, emtional and VERY honest.

Here’s a clip to the first 15 minutes of his press conference video.

The situation is embarrassing for Rep. Weiner, but I don’t see why he should resign. It’s between he, his wife and potentially the House Ethics Committee. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among the policy makers calling for an investigation.

Given the economy, jobs crisis, gas prices and war overseas, I think it’s time to move on. Honestly. I don’t condone his behavior, but I don’t care if Weiner sent the photos. America has WAY more important worries, and so do I.

Keep your head up Rep. Weiner!

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