Real Housewives – Season 4, Ep. 9 – One Crazy Camel

This week’s episode ended where last week’s left off with the fortunate teller explaining to Ramona that her husband’s attention is elsewhere.  Although she keeps her cool, the other ladies, namely Sonja, take the prediction to heart. She revealed how the fortuneteller’s premonition brought back painful memories of the demise of her own marriage.

Ramona consoled Sonja in her own effed up way, by telling her that her relationship was fine. No worries. Unlike Sonja, she and Mario married for love.  I could not believe she said that.  And it’s not the first time Ramona’s been super harsh about someone else’s relationship. The last time was when Ramona told Bethanny that she’s likely to screw up her relationship with Jason. She also told LuAnne that her husband was like really, really old. (Unlike Mario, of course). I sincerely, hope the prediction isn’t true but..after seeing Ramona verbally cut down Sonja…a little schadenfreude…might…okay nevermind. Let me stop.

It was sad to see Sonja still coping with the end of her marriage. I actually empathized with her.  Honestly, the fortunate telling was pretty much the highlight of the show for me.  Here is a really good video of the ladies gossiping about on whether the news of possible cheating was a shocker to Duchess of Pinot Grigio – (VIDEO)

Here are a few more episode highlights of what happened after the fortune telling.

Act one – Seat-gate. Just as the ladies depart for the bazaar, Sonja saved a seat for LuAnne per her request.  I hope you know where this heads. Cindy approached the van in no mood to listen to Sonja. Tensions rise. I scratch my head wondering why Cindy doesn’t know the value of going along to get along, especially on an overseas trip.

Act two – the Bazaar. The ladies are shopping at the open air market. Cindy and Sonja exchange words. Kelly intervenes asking (hell, damn near begging) team Ramona/Sonja to just let seat-gate slide because Cindy’s feelings were so hurt in New York over the pecking order. and “where’s my Pinot?” drama. Shopping continues. Sonja’s not feeling safe.

Act three – Camel Ridin’. The ladies are in good spirits and totally enjoying their the scenery and camel ride. Sonja opts to walk remembering the beating she took after falling off the horse when riding with Kelly. Funny. She sure pretended she was okay. Anyway, the camels walk, the ladies have fun and LuAnne’s animal has a fit. It hops  and jolts like a wild horse.  LuAnne handled it well.  I couldn’t help but see the crazy camel as a symbol for things to come. No matter great a Morocco trip might be, at least one of the ladies seems to break out into some sort of mental, emotional or verbal convulsions thereby, ruining the possibility for smooth, seamless trip. Any given time, one of the ladies seems to sort of lose it, just like that crazy camel.

What was cute, though, was when one of the camels started eating Jill’s bracelet. Even the two male guides laughed.  Comic relief. Cool.

Act four – The magical tent. High from the camel riding, the ladies were in awe as they approached a gorgeous tent in the middle of the desert. It was huge and filled with red and orange decor. The colors were delightful and the ladies were in good spirits. Sitting in a circle, they chatted and had a little ice breaker  (where Alex said some weird stuff about death). The ladies got chatty and loud. Cindy got a little crazy camel, said the ladie were too much and took a breather outside. Again, I am a big Cindy fan but she needs to seriously lighten up. A-personality types = cluster fuck.  Remember that. Sonja and Ramona, though, seized the opportunity to smooth things over.  Nice move. Real Housewife relations improve.

Act five – Ramona v Jill. The end of the show focused on R & J’s conflict. To be honest, I wasn’t sure either woman had a leg to stand on. Jill talks crap about Ramona. We all know Ramona’s the craziest camel in town.

As a huge RHONY fan, I’m half way expected these two ladies to make up by now. Season one, they had a tennis match to smooth things over. S 2, another tennis match with Mario and Ramona took place but with Simon as Jill’s partner. Season three? Well, according to last night’s fight is still an open, gaping wound. Apparently, Jill was pissed Ramona didn’t help her patch things up with Bethanny.  Ramona thinks Jill can be two faced. Unrealistic expectations fly.

The fight pretty much was a screaming match where each woman wanted to be heard, and where Jill said that if Ramona couldn’t say she was sorry for choosing hosting and pedicuring in St. Johns over playing matchmaker for her and Bethanny then they couldn’t be friends. (Empty treat) It was intense and all, but I wanted to just run into the room and scream, “get over it! You’re both pains in the ass!” As soon as Jill and Ramona realize this, the sooner they will stop keeping score and the closer they will be to middle aged zen.

Besides, the last thing I’d want during MY overseas tip is to have a big knock down, drag out, do-you-really-wanna-know-what-I-think-about-you fight. But again, somebody’s got to be the crazy camel.

Why can’t the ladies get along? If you have to ask, you’re not a TRUE Real Housewives fan. See ya next week!

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