Real Housewives Season 4, Ep 8 – You Can’t Travel with Just Anyone

This week’s episode of Real Housewives did not disappoint. One week, the ladies were talking about travel to Morocco and the next they’re all up in this distant, non-European country in Africa. No matter how fancy, wealthy the Real Housewives are, a few of them proved this week that money can not buy you class. There were moments during the show that a few of the ladies seems like the stereotypical “ugly Americans.”

You Can’t Travel with Just Anyone. The trip started off innocently enough. The brunettes arrived first. They seemed excited, laid back and open as LuAnne was teaching them a few words in Arabic. In my opinion each woman should have taken it upon herself to learn a little Arabic or French, or to at least have a little language book. But maybe I’m nitpicking because I believe so strongly in respecting the local culture and arriving in countries well-prepared. Nine times out of 10 you will need to communicate in a language other than English even if you have a translator.

Team blonds (Sonja, Ramona and Alex) arrived on a later flight. Before the ladies arrived, Ramona was making demands for clothes hangers (reasonable), help to unpack her bag (unreasonable), Pinot Grigio (no comment) and 10 pound hands weights (reasonable). Why did Ramona need someone to unpack her bag for her? She works out, and is able-bodied. It seemed totally over the top, to me.

So the ladies arrived and things were fine. On the drive to the house Ramona and Sonja were commenting/complaining that the country was dusty, saying there were poor people and expressing concern that some poor person might jump out at them. All I can say to that is…what the hell!? Are these women aware of the poor people in America? Or do they not leave the safety and comfort of NY’s Upper East Side. This REALLY irritated me because ladies their age should have at least traveled to one rustic country by now. This is why I give the Countess her props. She’s a woman of the world, and it shows. So wealthy women: Be prepared. Have an open mind. Don’t be so high maintenance.

So the ladies arrive at the house. Sonja’s worried about her bags being stolen and Ramona’s doesn’t waste a moment to start ordering “the help” around with her bags. Things seem to get off to a good start. Sonja declares that she brought no underwear (Yep. swear to God!)….but then Cindy comes upstairs and sees her clothes hangers are gone. It’s so obvious by the look on her face that she borderline hates Ramona and Sonja, and wants to bludgeon them both over the head. Instead, Cindy doesn’t waste time confronting them over her missing hangars. She says, “Did you all steal my hangers. My hangers are gone.” The ladies say they didn’t even know where her room was. I actually believed them. I wondered if the staff might have taken them to meet the ladies demands. The entire moment was so cringe-worthy and mean girls. Cindy was the girl with the independent streak who used to be in the clique. Ramona and Sonja are the ones determined to make her life hell for not conforming to their pecking order. Instead of blowing it off, they cackle behind Cindy’s back but within earshot. Cindy let it be known that she wasn’t going to back down to their high school antics (like any indy girl would). I couldn’t help but feel sad for ALL of them.

I mean, seriously, ladies? I know it’s a show where folks sort of make up or keep drama going but still. Have some pride! First, it was unnecessary for Cindy to accuse anyone of stealing. She could have been a bit more delicate about it. Second, Ramona and Sonja didn’t have to be mean. It was soo out of high school. Cindy goes downstairs in a huff about the hangers. Countess LuAnne intervenes, in an almost maternal/camp counselor sort of way, and makes sure everyone has what they need.

Moments like these make me wonder what these women teach their kids about getting along with others and/or not being a bully. Honestly, I can EASILY see Ramona being a mean kid. She has very little empathy for others’ feelings in the moment. She will apologize later, but she’s almost sociapathatic with her smart mouth. I can’t figure Sonja out. Last season, I adored her. This year? She really doesn’t give a fig about anyone but herself and milking the spotlight for everything it’s worth. She almost seems to delight in creating drama while Ramona seems oblivious to anyone else’s feelings. The Countess is the obvious peace maker. In this situation, she’s the referee who shuts down hanger-gate before it gets started.

Return to Scary Island? Anywho, the brunettes have lunch. Ramona and Sonja take a pass and venture out on their own. Alex takes a nap. Naturally the women start to talk crap about the others.

Overall, it was benign except that Kelly seemed to go off about Sonja’s financial situation. LuAnne said that Sonja’s used to having help and living well. Kelly almost seemed angry in saying that Sonja’s living off her husband’s money and needed to get over the fact that those days are over. Kelly said Sonja’s house hadn’t been redecorated since the 1900’s, was dusty and disorganized. Seriously, something happens when Kelly leaves the US. Despite the Countess’ encouragement to chill out (ala we don’t need to air the woman’s business), Kelly didn’t let up. It made me wonder about Kelly. All season, she’s been cool and calm. Now, all of a sudden she’s going the hell off. Return to Scary Island? I hope not!

It was quite obvious during the lunch that LuAnne felt a little bad that the blonds turned down lunch and went their own way. It’s difficult enough to invite people to a place you think is special and they aren’t gracious about it. Here, I can’t help but wonder if the Countess ever had reservations about inviting everyone. There are some people who are friends, others you can hang out with in your common environment but they don’t necessarily make good travel partners. I know this first hand.

After lunch, the brunettes went shopping. Jill came prepared knowing exactly how to convert the prices. She ran into her decorator, Brad, who tells her how he he hates Ramona and that he’s having a party at his house. The ladies return to the house to find the blonds acting funny. Again, you can’t travel with everyone!

Money Can’t Buy You Class.

Really quickly. The balance of the show was pretty much the same antics. Ramona and Sonja being classless. Alex was a little on edge about it. The brunettes disapproving. When the ladies came downstairs there was obvious tension. LuAnne had said she had a surprise, which was that a famous designer was going to make them custom cafkan dresses. Of course, Ramona piped in and said she didn’t like this style. (Rude) The poor guy didn’t speak English. (Thank God!) You could tell in his eyes he was overwhelmed. The brunettes seemed embarrassed. Alex was especially mortified when Ramona asked the designer to get wood and help make a fire. (Classless). Alex said that they would never ask Marc Jacobs such a question. I agree. Is it just me? or does Ramona have no regard for the people in Morrocco? I won’t say it’s because they are brown and Muslim (and she’s not). I won’t speculate about her elitism (and bullying attitude). I’ll just reserve judgement because she’s pretty much rude to everyone. Why would the poor Moroccans be any different?

The Snake and the Fortune teller

The episode ends with the ladies at Brad’s party. Jill comments that his “home” was actually a bed and breakfast. She thought it was weird that they needed to be quiet because folks were sleeping in the residence.

Sonja made sex jokes during the snake show. Jill wore a snake on her head. I was impressed she was so fearless. The “gotcha” was the fortunate teller (pictured below) who told Jill she had a good heart, she told Alex some good things (can’t remember what) and said Ramona’s husband had another woman.


It was a very awkward moment. Kelly said she didn’t want to translate fortunate teller’s message from French to English. But, I believe it was LuAnne who broke the news.

Ramona was surprised but handled it well. I couldn’t help but feel bad.

As much as she gets on my nerves, I hope it’s not true.

But I can’t wait until next week’s episode.

So far, it seems VERY dramatic. For one, the rumors of Mario having an affair seem VERY real. In fact, I think Sonja seems visibly upset discussing it.

Most of the ladies are having issues with Ramona’s behavior (except Sonja). Jill and Ramona will have a major blow up. Cindy and Ramona still have conflict. And, well, something scary happens to Kelly when she leaves New York City.

Stay tuned!

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