Real Housewives of NY – Season. 4 Overview (eps one to seven)

Hello reality show fans! It’s been a while since my last Real Housewives blog but I’m back to blogging and in good time.  I won’t go into the deets about every detail about this season. I’ll give my impression of where things stand.

Ramona: No matter how much she says she’s changed, Ramona singer is still the RHONY lady I love to hate.  She’s rude, self centered and so often so damned clueless about how she comes across. It’s like a bull in a China shop drunk on white wine. She really offended me when she arrived at Cindy’s party demanding her Pinot Grigio and saying she only drinks it. Gimme  a break lady! You’re 50-something. Time to act your age.  That applies to your fued with Cindy’s brother, your tender feelings about Jill talking crap behind your back and dealing about Kelly.

Kelly. I’m actually proud Kelly’s still on the show this season. It’s painfully obvious she’s got some sort of disorder. It’s either emotional, mental or personality. Scary Island must have been pretty embarrassing because Kelly went totally off the rails. This season? Even as someone as inarticulate and spacy as they come, I have to give her credit for avoiding drama.

Sonja. Unlike Kelly, Sonja’s attracting conflict like flies on shit. From the Marriage Equality Day blow up, her attacking Cindy for not knowing her place and her being bare ass at her costume party, Sonja’s losing more and more of my respect by the day. I love her flirtatiousness and her one-liners, but I think mah lady is trying WAY too hard to secure her space on the show.  I mean, the lady took sexy cookbook cover photos (with muff shots and all) for a book that hasn’t been written yet. My suggestion is that Sonja take it down a few notches. But then, again, who the hell am I? I’m not any where NEAR her pecking order. Sigh.

LuAnne. I love the Countess. She can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s found love with a young Frenchman, which makes her happy. She’s not shying away from her “oh darlings” and in butting into the conflict du jour. That lady has a good heart and it showed when she told Kelly exactly how she felt about her flakiness with their relationship.  So often, she’s the voice of reason even when she’s taking sides. Love ya, Countess LuAnne. You remind me a lot of myself.

Cindy. I’m also crazy about the newest addition to the Real Housewives. Poor Cindy.  She seems so normal for a NY rich bitch. She loves and and stands up for her brother, and she’s unpretentious.  She seems so unaware of the crazy storm she’s walked into especially with Ramona. Except for the fact that she has nannies taking care of her kids while she sleeps at night and that she’s a wealthy business owner, she’s the show’s Everywoman.

Jill. Last season was a tough one for Jill. She was such a darling during previous seasons between her calling “oh Bahwbbby ”  and her Jewish mom routine, the conflict with Bethanny was a bit much.  It didn’t help that Jill was begging for forgiveness like a lost puppy dog even from the likes of Alex. I love Jill’s spunk and can’t wait until she tears Ramona a new one. I think she was born to put Ramona in her place. That’s the lady I love so much!

Alex. I don’t like Alex. IMHO, she’s worn the “I hate Jill card” into the group. My issue is that every single housewife has dogged Alex about her nude photos, her gay husband, wild kids, raggedy home, social climbing and overall pretentiousness. Yet, she only had beef with Jill and took it out on her by doing Bethanny’s dirty work.  If I was Jill, I’d probably not speak to or deal with Alex on any level versus breaking my neck to make amends.  This season, Alex’s aggressive attitude has been a bit over the top. She’s way too caught up in being a model, and her new voice. Give me a freaking break, lady.

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