I’m inspired to learn more about breast cancer.

I’m familiar with so many women’s issues from from feminism to reproductive health.  How could I not be just as knowledgeable breast cancer?

Yes, I know some breast cancer basics and what the pink ribbon stands for. I am well aware that the general age to start getting mammograms is 40 and that monthly self exams are important.  Television shows, like Sex in the City, have done a good job showing characters getting treatment and surviving. Over the years, I’ve even run in the Susan G Komen Foundation Race for the Cure.  Recently, though, I realized there’s much more to learn.

A year ago I discovered that two friends, both under the age of 40, were breast cancer survivors.  Before then, I thought young women with breast cancer was extremely rare.  It’s not.  At a recent blogger’s lunch, I learned how this condition is impacting women around the world. I was not aware of the unique risks for African American women, the different types of screenings or the risk of being overweight. I’m a woman, African-American and over the age of 35.  I’m a feminist and women’s health advocate. I’m SUPPOSED to know more.

Thankfully, my amazing friends are educating and inspiring me with their courage and experience.  Because of my “survivor” friends, I will be running in the Susan G Komen Global Race for the Cure in Washington, DC June 4 and blogging about breast cancer. Maybe, I’ll even create a team.  What is certain, is that it’s time for me to learn more about breast cancer.  I’m certainly feeling inspired!

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