John Stewart on ‘the Pledge’. Hilarious (It’s who I am, baby!)

Republicans just announced their ‘Pledge to America,” a plan for how they’d lead if they win a majority in Congress.

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart straight up skewers the plan and the horse it rode in on. Click the photo to the left or the link here – min 3:55 is hilarious! (Perhaps bc it sounds too much like my exbf.)

Voters will either support progress or choose the same tired ideas from before…tax cuts.

The choice seems clear, IMHO but it’s up to us to make this happen.  No one should sit at home.  The stakes are so high! If Democrats lose not only will Congress be in the hands of Republicans, the Right Wing will be even bolder than before.   There’s nothing funny about that at all.  We can’t go back. Vote Democratic!

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