Believe in Democratic change? Ok. Take Action. Vote in November!

Remember when Obama was elected?? Those were the good ole days. People cried, jumped up and down, and celebrated like it was 1999.  In case you forgot, watch this video.

Well, it’s been about two years.  The hype is gone. No one’s wearing Obama tees or buttons.  Sure, we’ve had a few rough patches.  But, change is still on the table. It won’t be if Republicans win big this fall, which polls predict.  We can’t let that happen. Here’s why

Democrats made things happen. Congress and the  administration approved health reform, consumer policies and jobs legislation.  Obama did not act alone. It wasn’t perfect. To continue progress, we need a Democratic majority in the House and Senate! Go here to learn more.

Conservatives want Obama to fail. RW leaders want Obama to fail.  Ya know? While Americans lost their homes, ate  cat food (ok, non-organic meat) and shopped for boxes to live in, Repubs said “no” and that Americans were just “spoiled.” Who wants leaders like this running Congress? No me.

Conservative candidates are extreme. Today Republican leaders announced plans to repeal Dem policies and conduct witch-hunts if they win in Nov.  At best, conservatives are going to tax cut and deregulate our problems away.  At worse, they want to mow the government down.  That’s not conservative — it’s just crazy!

The last thing we need to do is whine and complain about what should or should not have happened these past two years. Get over that.  This election is about actively keeping  American first.  It’s about a middle class agenda.  Hell, it’s about all that “yes we can” stuff.

Ultimately, it’s about either keeping change on the agenda or passively letting it go. Either way, it’s on us. Believe in Democratic change? Ok. Take action. Vote in Nov.

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