Tennessee church shows its Muslim brothers some love.

When Pastor Steve Stone and the  Heartsong Church of Cordova, Tennessee heard Muslims or a  new mosque was moving into the neighborhood, they didn’t burn Korans or offer free spray painting services.  Nope. They extended themselves in friendship.  I was touched when I saw this on MSNBC today.

Heartsong Church  put up a welcome sign and  got to know their new neighbors.  They even allowed the  local Muslims to  use their facilities for Ramadan services.  (Notice the cross in the photo?) Now, the Islamic community and congregation are “homies.” As Pastor Stone said on MSNBC, they call themselves brothers. Here’s the story.

A church making friends with others outside their faith should NOT be newsworthy.  But it is. Why? Because we are living in an environment where fear trumps hope – hell, even faith.  Thanks to Pat Robertson and Newt Gingrich (and many, many others),  folks are stirring up trouble in the name of politics and religion.  Sure, Islamaphobia may enrich their lives and generate free publicity, but what about the rest of us? What about society?

Anyway, I’m glad the mainstream media (MSM) shared this story.  Pastor Stone and his congregants deserve the recognition.  Their actions made me feel proud to be from the South and a person of faith.  Good job Pastor Stone/Heartsong Church! Way to show the true WWJD spirit! 

If you are supportive, please spread the word. Share this story and/or contact the Heartsong Church via twitter @heartsongchurch. Also, make sure to read about other thoughtful people who are speaking up.

Editor’s Note: This is not a politics and faith blog. I just want my country back! (and tend to write about what’s on my mind)  Hopefully, I’m doing my part to encourage understanding and peace. Look for new updates on the economy soon!

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One Response to Tennessee church shows its Muslim brothers some love.

  1. dancingczars says:

    I believe Pasto Stone is a useful dupe. If the MSM did it’s job it would be discussing more stories about the “real Islam” rather than keep selling the myth of Islam being a religion of Peace. Total nonsense!

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