Remember the 2009 book burning?

According to NPR, Dove World’s Koran burning protest is nothing new.  Back in 2009, a  little church in NC publicized a similar stunt, except their plan was to burn different books  and novels outside their theology (including modern versions of the Bible). Get this. The little church got national and worldwide attention, and its membership grew.  The event was ultimately downgraded to a shredding where the media  shut out.  My assesment? Maybe this is just free press for Dove World. Prediction? No Koran burning and no further discussion from me. Instead, I will learn more on the history  of burning books.

According to, source of the blog photo, events like these have taken place as early as the 3rd century BC.

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One Response to Remember the 2009 book burning?

  1. dancingczars says:

    Those that would burn the Qur’an are fools. We must remember that the church involved has fifty members. Sharia should be opposed everywhere on the planet. The Qur’an should be read by all who are interested.

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