Liberals Attacking Palin Vanity Fair Expose’ as Sexist? But, why? We hate her!

This week, the Women’s Media Center and its partner organizations launched an anti-sexism campaign titled, Name It. Change It (NICI).  And boy, do they mean it. The initiative associated with feminist goddess Gloria Steinem to address misogyny toward policy makers and candidates held an official kick-off event. Within days the campaign spoke up for…..(wait for it)….Sarah Palin that conservative trash-talking, governorship-quitting, palm-as-note-card-using, Tea-Party-leading, Dr. Laura-defending, anti-choice-advocating, fake-feministing, know-nothing, so and so.

It’s safe to say WMC leans left. The organization said Democratic leaders were throwing women’s abortion rights under the bus during health reform and  outed CBS’s Superbowl ad hypocrisy.  But defending Palin?!

In response to an 18-page Vanity Fair expose’ on Sarah Palin, the Name It. Change It. alert system described the piece as “just plain sexist” and word is they intend to take further action. Here’s their message sent via social media:

RT @nameitchangeit @vanityfairmag coverage of @sarahpalinusa = Just Plain Sexist. #justplainsexist #NICI #smellslikesexism

There is no clear consensus on how offensive VF’s article is but others seem to agree  it  was out of bounds.  Chicago Sun-Times’ Roger Ebert described it as “devastating” and New York Times columnist Charles Blow summed it up nicely on Twitter this way:

RT @CharlesMBlow: Vanity Fair’s profile of Palin includes references to Spanx and push-up bras. Did they really need to go there? Wed, Sep 01 2010 – 7:08 pm

Don’t get me wrong. I cringe when the news room sounds like a locker room. (*cough* MorningJoe)  The emphasis on pant suits versus professionalism certainly needs to change.  But don’t WMC and NICI realize they’re liberal? and that we all pretty much uniformly hate Sarah Palin? These organizations must  take their anti-sexism commitment seriously and, if I didn’t know better, are making a principled stand on behalf of someone they disagree with. Yep. That’s  sounds about right.  You got that, Conservatives?

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2 Responses to Liberals Attacking Palin Vanity Fair Expose’ as Sexist? But, why? We hate her!

  1. dancingczars says:

    Wow, please send me your address so I can send you a Sham Wow to wipe up the tears following the wipe out of your beloved progressive movement come November 2nd. This is certainly a topic we might discuss Convo Girl, I’d love to hear any fact based comments on how Obama and his band of socialists have done anything but destroy America. I say bring it. you have my address. This is a challenge: J.C.

  2. Thanks for your comments. The polls say that we’re in good shape, comrade.

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