Religion: Muslims shared facts at Capitol Hill briefing on Islam

Some Americans have gone Muslim-crazy lately and not in a good way.  By encouraging Qua-ran burnings, describing the religion as a  “cult” and arousing fears of a future America somehow living under oppressive Sharia laws, a handful of troublemakers with support from powerful interests are stoking division and fear.  Amid all the crazy-talk, organizations are speaking out  with the truth – how Islam is a legitimate, peaceful religion and that most Muslims Americans  deserve to be respected and not feared. Recently, Time magazine (source of the photo below)  published a series called Muslims in the U.S showing positive and diverse images.  Here in DC, the Congressional Muslim Staff Association held a briefing on Capitol Hill  (highlighted below) where influentials discussed law, religion, Islamaphobia and the media. These are just two resources.  Many more exist.  Inshallah (english – God willing), more Americans will take the time to listen.

Today’s Congressional Muslim Staff Association Capitol Hill briefing is an excellent resource on Islam.  The discussion featured high-profile panelists who were honest, engaging and inspiring in their commitment to promote knowledge and understanding.  The biggest take-aways  were:  (1) Islamic principals are consistent with American’s freedom of religion. (min 26:30).  (2) Mainstream media prioritizes images of religious extremism over stories of Islamic bridge-building efforts. (55:34) (3) Muslim-Americans denounce  terrorism on a regular basis. (min 1:18:27) (4) When we question our president’s religion we are promoting the idea that America is an exclusive club. (min 46). (5)  Sharia values/laws promote justice and human rights. (min 16: 20, 49:20 and 50:40) .  You can access the video at here.

As a Christian, Black-American, it is refreshing to see others fighting in the war for understanding and for American principals. Whether the issue is race, ethnicity or religion we must keep the discussion going and serve as resources to others.  Thank God (arabic – Alhamdulillah) for groups like the Congressional Muslim Staff Association who organized the event.

The information is out there.  God willing (arabic – Inshallah), we will learn.

Peace (arabic – Assalamu alaikum).

PLEASE NOTE:  The  video and transcripts can be accessed at here. The event lasts 1.5 hours. Panelists speak for about 30 – 40 mins.  Very worthwhile.

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