Real Housewives of DC, Season 1, Ep 4 – When Cat Attacks!

This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of DC was a mixed blessing.  Cat was bitchy, which I usually hate.  This week, I liked it. I won’t go into all the show’s details. Check out Entertainment Weekly for a play-by-play. I will just share what stood out for me.

Stacie: This week, Miss Stacie  tells her college friends and DST sorors that she’s biracial.  Miss Stacie’s quest to connect with her birth mom uncovers a European immigrant whose family does not know about her secret (scandalous). Miss Stacie’s mom only wants a DL relationship and has no plans to help find her birth dad, who happens to be Nigerian.  That’s a lot to swallow. I hope it works out for her. Can’t help but wonder if, in her typical fashion, Miss Stacie expected too much. I’ll withhold judgment.

Confession. She’s an educated sista, like me. She’s not acting crazy. She represents herself well and with class. She’s okay…but she still gets under my skin. I can’t entirely pin point why. Maybe it’s ewwing and ahhing about Obama or expectating everyone looooove him as much as she does. I get it. Black president. Ok. But must you discuss it every stinking week? Plus, Stacie tries too hard, which really annoys me (see my recent review).  Gotta give her credit, this week was low-key.  Perhaps I’ll cut her some slack. 🙂

Mary: Lord, this is the first episode  we see Mary’s claws come out. She tries to clean it up on her blog but…Mary is no virgin to cattiness, you can tell. Some of her comments were true  – esp about Michaela –  but seem to reflect her true feelings.  I’m not mad. First, Non-Virgin Mary (or as we say in the south – May-reh) she said DC was the Hollywood for ugly people. (No, biggie. DC folks say that all the time.) She also said she said the Salahi’s were using their wine to gain social status. (uh-huhhh. People like free drinks.) Non-Virgin Mary got stank with Ted about  being so up close and personal with the Salahis at the salon opening and had the nerve to remind him where his bread was buttered, too.  She also made sure to remind everyone, “Michaela’s used to do my make up when she worked at Norstrom’s back in the 90’s, which translated means “Don’t get it twisted. She’s the help.” Way to be catty and elitist. I’m not mad at Non-Virgin Mary because was being real before remembering she’s on TV.  Her drama’s just begun. No?

Cat: When Cat interacts with ppl, watch out! Somebody always gets offended. Never been a Cat fan. Not at all.  She was rude as hell to Miss Stacie the first two episodes, which she did not deserve (esp in Episode 2).  This week,  she was a little blunt with Mary at the furniture store.  However, I found Cat’s raw bitchiness..well…. refreshing. I mean, she rattled the Salahis’ cage a few times, and they deserve it.  They are so phony and for some reason people keep letting the Salahis shadiness just slide. They snuck into the CBC dinner.  Tareq called to alert the group about security issues at Oasis winery event. Stacie was outdone. Cat was beside herself and demanded to know what the hell was going on and did not hide her frustration. She refused to play along in Tareq’s wine smashing. It was nice seeing Cat rub call the Salahis out. Ironically, she gets a little taste of her own medicine, which she, too, deserves from  the Salahis’ assistant checks the video (at 59 secs).

Makes me look forward to next week’s episode featuring When Cat Attacks, Part 5. This time she pounces on a Republican lobbyist by confronting her about health care reform.  She manages to make her so uncomfortable that the look on the lobbyist’s face alone makes the entire season of RHODC worth watching. Check it out their exchange here.  No matter what, you know that Cat’s next victim is just around the corner.  (haha)

Michaela: Not much to say about Michaela.  We find out the Salahis were involved in some shadiness with the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner.  Turns out they had a ticket for one and managed to squeeze two additional guest.  Then they were shopping around for an actual table, which was tacky and straight up ghetto.  [Side note: Stacie’s husband totally overreacted to the whole CBC dinner issue.] The CBC dinner is not the Emmy Awards.  When Stacie’s husband said, “what? You all snuck into the C-B-C dinner?!” I was said to myself, “c’mon dude. It’s not that serious.” I get the surprise about the Salahis but…please do not act like the CBC is some royal event. It’s not.

Anyway, on Michaela’s blog, she denies everything (as usual) and some viewers believe her proving that there’s a sucker born every min.  If you’ve ever wondered what kind of people give their money to Bernie Madoff or the asshats on CNBC/MSNBC documentaries, check out the comments on Michaela’s blog.  The Salahis can smile and shine all they want, most of us see  that they are phonies and grifters. (And their grapes were from the Safeway).

Fakeness: Cat and Mary kept it real this week but the show still struck me as a little fake.  For example, when Stacie’s friends heard Miss Stacie’s adoption story it seemed staged. They did not have a strong response at all.  Also, with Lynda and Ebong, I kept expecting one of them to yell out “line” at any minute. Maybe it’s editing but the Housewives RARELY seem to have the sort of normal, casual conversations you see on the other Housewives shows.  This is reality TV, after all.  We tune in for personality, first and drama, second. (Why do you think Jersey Shore is so popular? Those kids ooze personality) We’ve covered this before.  Go big, or go home!

Makes me look forward to the upcoming Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion and the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 3 premier (10/4)  that will include two new cast members – one is a prolific fashion model.  Good stuff!

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