Real Housewives of DC, Season 1, Ep 3 – More of the Same

This week’s RHODC episode followed the same formula of staged events, fake Salahis, Stacie’s openness,  Mary staying out of trouble,  Cat’s rudeness and Lynda stepping slightly out of line.  If you want to read the ladies’ blogs you go to  Here are my highlights.

Miss Stacie goes to Paris. This week Stacie invites the Salahi’s to Sugarleaf Vineyards, in Virginia.  The Turners were being nice and normal (except talking obsessively about Obama , as usual) while Tareq was going a mile a minute in an obvious attempt to impress (FAIL, as usual). Miss Stacie mentioned her upcoming trip to Paris and behold, the Salahi’s joined them (turns out it was a huge surprise). The couples had fun and the trip ended with Stacie confiding in Michaela about her search for her birth parents.

Faux Friends. As the Housewives prepare for Mary’s dinner, gay mascot, Paul finds out the Salahis refused to pay for his party.  They put their name on it as sponsor but no money.  According to her blog, Michaela said she felt betrayed because she’d originally made her intentions clear and was surprised people talked crap.  Paul was classy and did not to say anything. Then again, drama ensures camera time (as if he needs any.)

I’m not a Racist (Just a Total Biatch). The show would not be RHODC without Cat drama.  Mary’s event, for her gay hairdresser mascots Cat was well-behaved except her normal complaints about wine (See episodes 1 & 2).  Lynda liked her bluntness drunkenly said, “Cat’s our new soul sister.” She looked dead at Stacie to get sister-girl validation and added an odd comment about “her being the group’s Diana Ross.” Naturally, Stacie (and her friend) are uncomfortable and indicated their displeasure. (If you have Black friends, ask them if you don’t understand why)

Cat was clueless (as usual) and emotionally confides in Paul that she’s not racist. Paul comforts her because that’s what gay mascots do.  Though Cat seemed upset in her state of victimhood, it’s impossible to feel for her. She’s still a biatch.

See? Not much happened.

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