Love thy neighbor. Don’t burn his Koran!

Good people don’t fight fire (Islamic radicalism) with fire (Christian radicalism).  But you can’t tell that to the Dove World Outreach Center members who are engaging in an extreme protest of the September 11th terror attacks with their own unusual religious conversion exercise. This Gainesville, Florida “church” is sponsoring an unbelievably intolerant Koran burning event September 11, 2010.

Their leaders say Christians have a duty to “stand up” against Islam. What a load of bull! Burning Korans is a dumb idea. It’s disrespectful, anti-Christian and worst of all, it’s extremism that will only attract more extremism (and so far, threats of jihad).

The Bible says, “love they neighbor” — not burn his Koran.

High-profile, faith-based groups agree including the National Association of Evangelicals, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Baptist World Alliance. These national organizations have condemned the Dove World Center’s International Koran Burning Day and/or discouraged groups from promoting negative anti-Islam stereotyping.  A global alliance of Christians are also standing against the event with its Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L)  campaign.

Will the Dove World Center listen? Doubt it. I mean, isn’t that how extremists roll?

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4 Responses to Love thy neighbor. Don’t burn his Koran!

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  2. Burning crosses? I wouldn’t be surprised. Things are CRAZY right now.

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