Real Housewives of DC, Season 1, Ep 2. Look at me!

We love the Real Housewives because the wives  are fun to watch. We get to know the personalities first before we get caught up in the drama.  Fans care less about what the cast does for a living or who they know than their spirit, than their sense of humor and Pinot Grigio-fueled dance moves.  Based on episodes 1 and 2, it seems clear the DC wives define themselves based on their image than their personalities. That might be good for CSPAN TV but it doesn’t make good reality TV.  I, for one, was underwhelmed.

The call this entry “Look at me!” because the episode seemed like yet another mix of contrived events and image making devoid of entertainment.

Look at Me. I’m Rich! Episode two did not feel different from episode one. The Salahis entertained Mary and Cat at their “estate” for polo lessons. The ladies arrived dressed casually while Michaela  looked fly.  Thankfully, Cat called her out about for telling them to wear jeans while she was dressed like Betty Draper on Mad Men. When the riding was done the group celebrated with “fermented wine,” which was beer Mr. Salahi jokingly said to cover up the fact that they did not have wine handy.  It came across as 100% fake.

Look at me! I’m Down-home. Next, Miss Stacie organized another let-me-show-you-who-I-am dinners at her Aunt Francis’ home.  The idea of her opening her  her family so soon and esp to Cat, (cue Jaws music) who obviously do not give a fuck made no sense. First, she rejected champagne she’s been offered (feared she’s get sick).  Then she bolted before dinner was finished.  Perhaps it was the discussion about the refried oil but Cat looked uncomfortable. I’m convinced she threw up before she made it home.

You could tell it bothered Stacie because she struggled to understand.  Perhaps, chica  should examine why she opened herself up to be understood by people she does not know.  Is this about impressing people? IMHO, friends pass the family test…not the other way around. Good try, though.

Look at Me! I’m Gay!  Gay mascot Paul’s birthday bash was event number five for the Housewives’ busy schedule. The event was held at a club called 14th and Park. Nice venue for an after-work happy hour for 25-year olds.  Not hating, the food is outstanding! During his birthday, Paul gave an emotional speech about not always having friends and coming to terms with being gay.  No disrespect to him but….seriously? Dude is 40 years old., right? Maybe I’m wrong, but it seemed a little over the top and made  for the cameras.

Look at me! I’m a Washington-Insider! toward the end of the show,  Lynda she said, “In Washington, we don’t like too much flash” in reference to the Salahis.   If YOU (Lynda) think they are too flashy, just say it.  Viewers are interested in DC, but more your personality. I have a feeling this is producer-driven, though, which is too bad.

I get that each Housewife represents an image (mom, wealthy couple, confident gay man, well-adjusted professional Black woman and Washington-insider) but I wish the cast or the producers focused less on these labels on more on the real personalities behind the Real Housewives.

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