DC Housewives – Season, Ep 1, Long on Conflict – Already?

Finally, the Real Housewives of DC arrived. As a reality show lover and DC resident, I hoped my city would provide a unique take on Bravo series already popular in four other areas.  So far, there is a lot conflict and activities. Here’s my rundown on each cast member.

Mary’s an area native with an adorable husband and kids. She seems nice but I would like to know Mary better.  Love the fact she uses a biometric lock to keep her daughters out of her clothes closet.

Miss Stacie is the lone Black woman on the show and a real estate agent.  She’s cool but seems a little too anxious to be validated. Her dinner party seemed like too much, too soon.

Cat is overly opinionated and insulting British ladette. This feline should learn to keep things light.

Lynda is straightforward and somewhat humorous model agency head. She is a mature woman with a younger man. What’s not to love?

Michaela is the notorious WH crasher.  She hugs and “loves” everyone. You never see her without a (plastic) smile or her equally fake husband.

Here’s my episode review organized along common RH’s themes.

Who’s Not Coming to Dinner.  First, the episode features the “who’s not invited” shtick ala the Real Housewives of NY right away with Michaela (the WH crasher) explaining to DC wives’ gay mascot, Paul, why Lynda was not present at her polo match. She said the absence was because the event was for sponsors and hinting that perhaps Lynda was not invited.  Lynda’s take was, “Her event was a goat rodeo. I had better things to do.”

Lynda and her boyfriend planned Mary’s birthday dinner celebration making sure to exclude Michaela. Like any good event crasher, Michaela contacted the birthday-girl, Mary, who was too sweet not to let her know about the dinner.  You should have seen Lynda’s surprise when Michaela walked through the door. I mean, what’s the point of organizing an event when you can not exclude undesirables?

Not Impressed.  Advice to Real Housewives: If you organize an event, it had better be impressive otherwise, you will be talked about.  Michaela’s polo event qualified for the Good try, But no Cigar Award.  This time,  Cat, the new-in-town British lady was throwing daggers. As she told Mary, she was unimpressed.  Reminds me of the auction event from the Real Housewives of ATL (or when Lisa took a stab at fashion).

Later in the show, Miss Stacie organized her own event – a cooking class with a celebrity chef.  Once again, Cat was a wet blanket.  First, she said she did not like saki.  Then she was unapologetic about her dislike for Tyra Banks or Barack Obama – even though Stacie made it clear she was a fan. You could tell by the look on Miss Stacie’s face that she was offended. I felt bad for her because she seemed expect nothing less than accolades and smooth conversation. Wrong. (check out the video here at 2:00 mins)

Alpha Female.  The third RH theme, and a common one,  is the battle over who will be the dominant female in the group.  Judging how Lynda trashed Michaela’s polo event and excluded her from Mary’s birthday party, she likes to be  in  control of thing much like Nene, Jill, Vicky and Caroline have done in their own ways.  Cat and Michaela are certainly competing to be the centers of attention. I think Stacie will be a show stand out. When it’s all said and done, I have a feeling Lynda’s classy, likable and bitchy enough to be the show’s alpha female.

Anyway, that’s a lot for one episode. Enjoyed the new Housewives cast. Hoping for a little more fun….and less conflict.

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